Tests package for yaml-cpp library

yaml-cpp is a YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML 1.2 spec.

To get a feel for how it can be used, see the Tutorial or How to Emit YAML. For the old API (version < 0.5.0), see How To Parse A Document.


If you find a bug, post an issue! If you have questions about how to use yaml-cpp, please post it on http://stackoverflow.com and tag it yaml-cpp.

How to Build

yaml-cpp uses CMake to support cross-platform building. The basic steps to build are:

  1. Download and install CMake (Resources -> Download).
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license MIT
project yaml-cpp
url github.com/jbeder/yaml-cpp/tree/yaml-cpp-0.7.0/test
1 Version
version 0.7.0
repository https://pkg.cppget.org/1/stable
depends 2; gtest, gmock