Fast multi-dimensional histogram with convenient interface for C++14

Multi-dimensional generalised histograms with convenient interface

Coded with ❤. Powered by the Boost community and the Scikit-HEP Project. Licensed under the Boost Software License.

Supported compiler versions gcc >= 5.5, clang >= 3.8, msvc >= 14.1 Supported C++ versions 14, 17, 20

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Boost.Histogram is a very fast state-of-the-art multi-dimensional generalised histogram class for the beginner and expert alike.

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license BSL-1.0
project boost
topics C++Boost
1 Version
version 1.77.0+1
depends 6; libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-mp11, libboost-serialization, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-variant2