A modern C++ metaprogramming library. It provides high level algorithms to manipulate heterogeneous sequences, allows writing type-level computations with a natural syntax, provides tools to introspect user-defined types and much more

Your standard library for metaprogramming


#include <boost/hana.hpp>
#include <cassert>
#include <string>
namespace hana = boost::hana;
using namespace hana::literals;

struct Fish { std::string name; };
struct Cat  { std::string name; };
struct Dog  { std::string name; };

int main() {
  // Sequences capable of holding heterogeneous objects, and algorithms
  // to manipulate them.
  auto animals = hana::make_tuple(Fish{"Nemo"}, Cat{"Garfield"}, Dog{"Snoopy"});
  auto names = hana::transform(animals, [](auto a) {
  assert(hana::reverse(names) == hana::make_tuple("Snoopy", "Garfield", "Nemo"));

  // No compile-time information is lost: even if `animals` can't be a
  // constant expression because it contains strings, its length is constexpr.
  static_assert(hana::length(animals) == 3u, "");

  // Computations on types can be performed with the same syntax as that of
  // normal C++. Believe it or not, everything is done at compile-time.
  auto animal_types = hana::make_tuple(hana::type_c<Fish*>, hana::type_c<Cat&>, hana::type_c<Dog*>);
  auto animal_ptrs = hana::filter(animal_types, [](auto a) {
    return hana::traits::is_pointer(a);
  static_assert(animal_ptrs == hana::make_tuple(hana::type_c<Fish*>, hana::type_c<Dog*>), "");

  // And many other goodies to make your life easier, including:
  // 1. Access to elements in a tuple with a sane syntax.
  static_assert(animal_ptrs[0_c] == hana::type_c<Fish*>, "");
  static_assert(animal_ptrs[1_c] == hana::type_c<Dog*>, "");

  // 2. Unroll loops at compile-time without hassle.
  std::string s;
  hana::int_c<10>.times([&]{ s += "x"; });
  // equivalent to s += "x"; s += "x"; ... s += "x";

  // 3. Easily check whether an expression is valid.
  //    This is usually achieved with complex SFINAE-based tricks.
  auto has_name = hana::is_valid([](auto&& x) -> decltype((void) { });
  static_assert(has_name(animals[0_c]), "");
  static_assert(!has_name(1), "");
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license BSL-1.0
project boost
topics C++Boost
2 Versions
version 1.78.0
depends 5; libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-fusion, libboost-mpl, libboost-tuple
version 1.77.0+1
depends 5; libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-fusion, libboost-mpl, libboost-tuple