The BGL graph interface and graph components are generic, in the same sense as the Standard Template Library (STL)

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A generic interface for traversing graphs, using C++ templates.

The full documentation is available on

Support, bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature requests can be reported through the Github issue page.

See also:

You can submit your changes through a pull request. One of the maintainers will take a look (remember that it can take some time).

There is no mailing-list specific to Boost Graph, although you can use the general-purpose Boost mailing-list using the tag [graph].

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license BSL-1.0
project boost
topics C++Boost
1 Version
version 1.77.0+1
depends 41; libboost-regex, libboost-algorithm, libboost-any, libboost-array, libboost-assert, libboost-bimap, libboost-bind, libboost-concept-check, libboost-config, libboost-container-hash, libboost-conversion, libboost-core, libboost-detail, libboost-foreach, libboost-function, libboost-integer, libboost-iterator, libboost-lexical-cast, libboost-math, libboost-move, libboost-mpl, libboost-multi-index, libboost-optional, libboost-parameter, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-property-map, libboost-property-tree, libboost-random, libboost-range, libboost-serialization, libboost-smart-ptr, libboost-spirit, libboost-static-assert, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-tti, libboost-tuple, libboost-type-traits, libboost-typeof, libboost-unordered, libboost-utility, libboost-xpressive