Apache HTTP Server Request library

The Apache HTTP Server Request library is a safe, standards-compliant,
high-performance C library for parsing HTTP cookies, query-strings, and
POST data. For more information see:

This package currently contains a build2 package manager (bpkg) stub meaning
that it can only be "built" as already installed in the underlying system (for
example, using a system package manager).

Send questions, bug reports, or any other feedback about the library itself to
the apreq mailing lists. Send build system and packaging-related feedback to
the mailing list (see for
posting guidelines, etc).

The packaging of apreq for build2 is tracked in a Git repository at:
version 0+5 (stub)
license ASLv2Apache License 2.0
download libapreq2-0+5.tar.gz
sha256 f9ebaaf533355ca87255c0bf29be8e989047b3d0dfa0c14087556cd176cd108d
project libapreq
package-email packaging@build2.orgMailing list
topics ApacheHTTPHTTP request parsing