A JSON parser in C++

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JSON++ is a light-weight JSON parser, writer and reader written in C++. JSON++ can also convert JSON documents into lossless XML documents.


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Why another JSON parser?

Perhaps because web service clients are usually written in dynamic languages these days, none of the existing C++ JSON parsers fitted my needs very well, so I wrote one that I used in another project. My goals for JSON++ were:

Other contributors have sinced added more functionalities:

Compiler version

You need a modern C++ compiler. For older compilers, please try legacy branch.


Strict/permissive parsing

JSONxx can parse JSON documents both in strict or permissive mode.

When jsonxx::Settings::Parser is set to Strict, JSONxx parser will accept:

When jsonxx::Settings::Parser is set to Permissive, JSONxx parser will accept:

Default value is Permissive.

When jsonxx::Settings::UnquotedKeys is set to Enabled, JSONxx parser will accept:

Default value is Disabled.


JSONxx uses internally JSONXX_ASSERT(...) macro that works both in debug and release mode. Set jsonxx::Settings::Assertions value to Disabled to disable assertions.

Default value is Enabled.


The following snippets are from one of the unit tests. They are quite self-descriptive.

using namespace std;
using namespace jsonxx;

string teststr(
        "  \"foo\" : 1,"
        "  \"bar\" : false,"
        "  \"person\" : {\"name\" : \"GWB\", \"age\" : 60,},"
        "  \"data\": [\"abcd\", 42],"

// Parse string or stream
Object o;

// Validation. Checking for JSON types and values as well
assert(1 == o.get<Number>("foo"));
assert(o.get<Object>("person").get<Boolean>("old", false));
assert(o.get<Array>("data").get<Number>(1) == 42);
assert(o.get<Array>("data").get<String>(0) == "abcd");
assert(o.get<Array>("data").get<String>(2, "hello") == "hello");
cout << o.json() << endl;                     // JSON output
cout << o.xml(JSONx) << endl;                 // JSON to XML conversion (JSONx subtype)
cout << o.xml(JXML) << endl;                  // JSON to XML conversion (JXML subtype)
cout << o.xml(JXMLex) << endl;                // JSON to XML conversion (JXMLex subtype)
// Generate JSON document dynamically
using namespace std;
using namespace jsonxx;
Array a;
a << 123;
a << "hello world";
a << 3.1415;
a << 99.95f;
a << 'h';
a << Object("key", "value");
Object o;
o << "key1" << "value";
o << "key2" << 123;
o << "key3" << a;
cout << o.json() << endl;

To do

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project jsonxx
url github.com/hjiang/jsonxx
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version 1.0.1+1
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