Tests for the args library


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role: prerequisite
# trust: ...

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depends: args ^ 6.4.6

The single header-only C++ library to use args as command-line argument parser can be imported by the following declaration in a buildfile.

import args = args%lib{args}
... More
version 6.4.6+2
license MIT
download args-tests-6.4.6+2.tar.gz
sha256 5444bd025f0be566759689957cbb8fa5e1d972c4fc213a4e4b130aac72493e5f
project args

Depends (1)

catch2 ^2.13.7


* 6.0.0
Change Reader to functor type, breaking change.
Change Reader functor to allow any return type, but specifically need bool-testable return for NOEXCEPT use.
Change List and Map templates into template templates to enforce proper type use and to clean up user template invocations (i.e. `args::ValueFlagList<std::string, std::unordered_set<std::string>>` becomes `args::ValueFlagList<std::string, std::unordered_set>`, also breaking change.

* 5.0.0
Implemented proper subparsers.
Added better C++11 style.
Improved documentation.

* 4.0.0
Changed all wording:

ArgFlag -> ValueFlag
Counter -> CounterFlag
PosArg -> Positional

Argument now solely refers to command line arguments.
Value refers to the argument that flags or positionals can take and store.
Positional is a positional option, which contains a value.
Option refers to flags and positionals, which can contain values.