8 Packages
name libapr1
summary Apache Portable Runtime C library
license ASLv2
tags libapr portable operating system platform interface api implementation
depends 0
name odb
summary ODB compiler
license GPLv3
tags odb c++ orm database relational object persistence sql
depends 2; libstudxml, libcutl
requires 1; c++11
name build2
summary build2 build system
license MIT
tags build2 c++ build system
depends 2; libbutl, libpkgconf
requires 2; c++14, ?cli
name bpkg
summary build2 package dependency manager
license MIT
tags build2 c++ package dependency manager
depends 4; libodb, libodb-sqlite, libbutl, libbpkg
requires 2; c++14, ?cli
name bbot
summary build2 build bot
license TBC
tags build2 c++ build bot server ci continuous integration testing
depends 2; libbutl, libbbot
requires 2; c++14, ?cli
name libbpkg
summary build2 package dependency manager library
license MIT
tags build2 bpkg package dependency manager
depends 1; libbutl
requires 1; c++14
name libbutl
summary build2 utility library
license (MIT and BSD-3 and BSD-2)
tags build2 utility library
depends 0
requires 1; c++14
name libcutl
summary C++ utility library
license MIT
tags libcutl c++ utility
depends 0
requires 1; c++11