50 Packages
name cli
summary Command line interface (CLI) compiler for C++
license MIT
depends 1; libcutl
name cli-examples
summary Examples of using the CLI language and compiler for C++
license MIT
depends 0
name xxhash
summary Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
license BSD-2-Clause
depends 0
name odb
summary ODB compiler
license GPL-3.0-only
depends 3; libstudxml, libcutl, *cli ?
name cli11
summary CLI11 is a command line parser for C++11 and beyond that provides a rich feature set with a simple and intuitive interface.
license BSD-3-Clause
depends 0
name build2
summary build2 build system
license MIT
depends 2; libbutl, libpkg-config
name libpng
summary The official PNG reference C library
license libpng-2.0
depends 1; libz
name libevent
summary Event notification C library
license BSD-3-Clause AND BSD-2-Clause AND MIT
depends 2; libssl ?, libcrypto ?
name cli11-tests
summary Tests package for cli11 library
license BSD-3-Clause
depends 1; catch2
name xsd
summary XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler
license other: GPL-2.0-only with Xerces-C++ linking exception and FLOSS exception
depends 4; libxsd-frontend, libcutl, libxerces-c, *cli
name libcxxopts
summary Lightweight C++ command line option parser
license MIT
depends 1; libicuuc ?
name libboost-beast
summary Portable HTTP, WebSocket, and network operations using only C++11 and Boost.Asio
license BSL-1.0
depends 21; libboost-asio, libboost-assert, libboost-bind, libboost-config, libboost-container, libboost-container-hash, libboost-core, libboost-endian, libboost-intrusive, libboost-logic, libboost-mp11, libboost-optional, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-smart-ptr, libboost-static-assert, libboost-static-string, libboost-system, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-type-index, libboost-type-traits, libboost-winapi
name bbot
summary build2 build bot
license MIT
depends 2; libbutl, libbbot
name libpcre2
summary Perl-compatible regular expression library
license other: PCRE2 LICENCE
depends 0
name glew
summary glew C library
license MIT
depends 0
name glbinding
summary glbinding is a cross-platform C++ binding for the OpenGL API, generated using the gl.xml specification.
license MIT
depends 0
name nanoflann
summary A C++11 header-only library for Nearest Neighbor (NN) search with KD-trees
license BSD-2-Clause
depends 0
name nanoflann-examples
summary Examples for nanoflann library
license BSD-2-Clause
depends 1; Eigen
name nanoflann-tests
summary Tests for nanoflann library
license BSD-2-Clause
depends 1; gtest
name doctest
summary The fastest feature-rich C++11/14/17/20 single-header testing framework for unit tests and TDD
license MIT
depends 0