6 Packages
name libmariadb
summary MariaDB C API client library
license LGPLv2.1
depends 0
name libmysqlclient
summary MySQL C API client library
license GPLv2 with Universal FOSS Exception
depends 2; libcrypto, libssl
name libpq
summary PostgreSQL C API client library
license PostgreSQL License
depends 0
name openssl-agent
summary OpenSSL key agent
license MIT
depends 1; libbutl
requires 1; c++14
name libssl
summary C library providing SSLv3 and TLS implementations
license (OpenSSL License and SSLeay License)
depends 1; libcrypto
name odb
summary ODB compiler
license GPLv3
depends 2; libstudxml, libcutl
requires 1; c++11