9 Packages
name libcurl
summary C library for transferring data with URLs
license cURL
depends 3; libz, libcrypto, libssl
name curl
summary Command line tool for transferring data with URLs
license cURL
depends 2; libcurl, libca-certificates-curl
name libapreq2
summary Apache HTTP Server Request library
license ASLv2
depends 0
name bpkg
summary build2 package dependency manager
license MIT
depends 4; libodb, libodb-sqlite, libbutl, libbpkg
requires 2; c++14, ?cli
name libca-certificates-curl
summary CA certificate bundle and C library for querying its path
license MPLv2
depends 0
name openssl-agent
summary OpenSSL key agent
license MIT
depends 1; libbutl
requires 1; c++14
name brep
summary build2 package repository web interface
license MIT
depends 11; libapr1, libapreq2, libcmark-gfm, libcmark-gfm-extensions, libstudxml, libodb, libodb-pgsql, libbutl, libbpkg, libbbot, libbutl.bash
requires 4; c++14, postgresql >= 9.0, apache2, ?cli
name bbot
summary build2 build bot
license other: TODO
depends 2; libbutl, libbbot
requires 2; c++14, ?cli
name build2
summary build2 build system
license MIT
depends 2; libbutl, libpkgconf
requires 2; c++14, ?cli