6 Packages
name libssl
summary C library providing SSLv3 and TLS implementations
license OpenSSL
depends 1; libcrypto
name openssl
summary Command line tool providing various cryptography functions
license OpenSSL
depends 2; libcrypto, libssl
name libca-certificates-curl
summary CA certificate bundle and C library for querying its path
license MPL-2.0
depends 0
name concurrentqueue
summary A fast multi-producer, multi-consumer lock-free concurrent queue for C++11
license BSD-2-Clause
depends 0
name libcrypto
summary C library providing general cryptography and X.509 support
license OpenSSL
depends 1; libz
name websocketpp
summary C++ websocket client/server library
license BSD-3-Clause
depends 1; libboost-asio