13 Packages
name libevent
summary Event notification C library
license BSD-3-Clause AND BSD-2-Clause AND MIT
depends 2; libssl ?, libcrypto ?
name libapreq2
summary Apache HTTP Server Request library
license ASLv2
depends 0
name libboost-beast
summary Portable HTTP, WebSocket, and network operations using only C++11 and Boost.Asio
license BSL-1.0
depends 21; libboost-asio, libboost-assert, libboost-bind, libboost-config, libboost-container, libboost-container-hash, libboost-core, libboost-endian, libboost-intrusive, libboost-logic, libboost-mp11, libboost-optional, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-smart-ptr, libboost-static-assert, libboost-static-string, libboost-system, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-type-index, libboost-type-traits, libboost-winapi
name curl
summary Command line tool for transferring data with URLs
license curl
depends 2; libcurl, libca-certificates-curl
name libcurl
summary C library for transferring data with URLs
license curl
depends 3; libz, libcrypto, libssl
name libboost-url
summary URL parsing in C++11
license BSL-1.0
depends 11; libboost-throw-exception, libboost-align, libboost-assert, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-mp11, libboost-optional, libboost-static-assert, libboost-system, libboost-type-traits, libboost-variant2
name libcurlez
summary c++ wrapper for libcurl's easy API
license BSD-3-Clause
depends 1; libcurl
name libmd4c
summary Markdown parser C library
license MIT
depends 0
name magic_enum
summary Static reflection for enums (to string, from string, iteration) for modern C++, work with any enum type without any macro or boilerplate code
license MIT License
depends 0
name magic_enum-tests
summary magic_enum tests
license MIT License
depends 1; catch2
name bpkg
summary build2 package dependency manager
license MIT
depends 3; libbutl, libbpkg, build2
name doctest
summary C++ testing framework for unit tests and TDD
license MIT
depends 0
name libpng
summary The official PNG reference C library
license libpng-2.0
depends 1; libz