401 Package
name libboost-lockfree
summary Lockfree data structures
license BSL-1.0
depends 15; libboost-align, libboost-array, libboost-assert, libboost-atomic, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-integer, libboost-iterator, libboost-mpl, libboost-parameter, libboost-predef, libboost-static-assert, libboost-tuple, libboost-type-traits, libboost-utility
name libboost-log
summary Logging library
license BSL-1.0
depends 42; libboost-align, libboost-asio, libboost-bind, libboost-interprocess, libboost-io, libboost-random, libboost-array, libboost-assert, libboost-atomic, libboost-config, libboost-container, libboost-core, libboost-date-time, libboost-exception, libboost-filesystem, libboost-function-types, libboost-fusion, libboost-intrusive, libboost-iterator, libboost-lexical-cast, libboost-move, libboost-mpl, libboost-optional, libboost-parameter, libboost-phoenix, libboost-predef, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-property-tree, libboost-proto, libboost-range, libboost-regex, libboost-smart-ptr, libboost-spirit, libboost-static-assert, libboost-system, libboost-thread, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-type-index, libboost-type-traits, libboost-utility, libboost-winapi, libboost-xpressive
name libboost-logic
summary 3-state boolean type library
license BSL-1.0
depends 2; libboost-config, libboost-core
name libboost-math
summary Boost.Math includes several contributions in the domain of mathematics: The Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple library provides run-time and compile-time evaluation of the greatest common divisor (GCD) or least common multiple (LCM) of two integers. The Special Functions library currently provides eight templated special functions, in namespace boost. The Complex Number Inverse Trigonometric Functions are the inverses of trigonometric functions currently present in the C++ standard. Quaternions are a relative of complex numbers often used to parameterise rotations in three dimentional space. Octonions, like quaternions, are a relative of complex numbers
license BSL-1.0
depends 10; libboost-assert, libboost-concept-check, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-integer, libboost-lexical-cast, libboost-predef, libboost-random, libboost-static-assert, libboost-throw-exception
name libboost-metaparse
summary A library for generating compile time parsers parsing embedded DSL code as part of the C++ compilation process
license BSL-1.0
depends 6; libboost-config, libboost-mpl, libboost-predef, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-static-assert, libboost-type-traits
name libboost-move
summary Portable move semantics for C++03 and C++11 compilers
license BSL-1.0
depends 5; libboost-assert, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-static-assert, libboost-winapi
name libboost-mp11
summary A C++11 metaprogramming library
license BSL-1.0
depends 0
name libboost-mpl
summary The Boost.MPL library is a general-purpose, high-level C++ template metaprogramming framework of compile-time algorithms, sequences and metafunctions. It provides a conceptual foundation and an extensive set of powerful and coherent tools that make doing explict metaprogramming in C++ as easy and enjoyable as possible within the current language
license BSL-1.0
depends 7; libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-predef, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-static-assert, libboost-type-traits, libboost-utility
name libboost-msm
summary A very high-performance library for expressive UML2 finite state machines
license BSL-1.0
depends 17; libboost-any, libboost-assert, libboost-bind, libboost-circular-buffer, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-function, libboost-fusion, libboost-mpl, libboost-parameter, libboost-phoenix, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-proto, libboost-serialization, libboost-tuple, libboost-type-traits, libboost-typeof
name libboost-multi-array
summary Boost.MultiArray provides a generic N-dimensional array concept definition and common implementations of that interface
license BSL-1.0
depends 10; libboost-array, libboost-assert, libboost-concept-check, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-functional, libboost-iterator, libboost-mpl, libboost-static-assert, libboost-type-traits
name libboost-multi-index
summary The Boost Multi-index Containers Library provides a class template named multi_index_container which enables the construction of containers maintaining one or more indices with different sorting and access semantics
license BSL-1.0
depends 18; libboost-assert, libboost-bind, libboost-config, libboost-container-hash, libboost-core, libboost-foreach, libboost-integer, libboost-iterator, libboost-move, libboost-mpl, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-serialization, libboost-smart-ptr, libboost-static-assert, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-tuple, libboost-type-traits, libboost-utility
name libboost-multiprecision
summary Extended precision arithmetic types for floating point, integer andrational arithmetic
license BSL-1.0
depends 10; Eigen, libboost-assert, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-integer, libboost-lexical-cast, libboost-math, libboost-predef, libboost-random, libboost-throw-exception
name libboost-nowide
summary Standard library functions with UTF-8 API on Windows
license BSL-1.0
depends 2; libboost-config, libboost-filesystem
name libboost-numeric-conversion
summary Optimized Policy-based Numeric Conversions
license BSL-1.0
depends 7; libboost-config, libboost-conversion, libboost-core, libboost-mpl, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-type-traits
name libboost-numeric-interval
summary Extends the usual arithmetic functions to mathematical intervals
license BSL-1.0
depends 3; libboost-config, libboost-detail, libboost-logic
name libboost-numeric-odeint
summary Solving ordinary differential equations
license BSL-1.0
depends 19; libboost-array, libboost-assert, libboost-bind, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-function, libboost-fusion, libboost-iterator, libboost-math, libboost-mpl, libboost-multi-array, libboost-numeric-ublas, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-range, libboost-static-assert, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-type-traits, libboost-units, libboost-utility
name libboost-numeric-ublas
summary uBLAS provides tensor, matrix, and vector classes as well as basic linear algebra routines. Several dense, packed and sparse storage schemes are supported
license BSL-1.0
depends 12; libboost-concept-check, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-iterator, libboost-mpl, libboost-numeric-interval, libboost-range, libboost-serialization, libboost-smart-ptr, libboost-static-assert, libboost-type-traits, libboost-typeof
name libboost-optional
summary A value-semantic, type-safe wrapper for representing 'optional' (or 'nullable') objects of a given type. An optional object may or may not contain a value of the underlying type
license BSL-1.0
depends 10; libboost-assert, libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-detail, libboost-move, libboost-predef, libboost-static-assert, libboost-throw-exception, libboost-type-traits, libboost-utility
name libboost-outcome
summary A deterministic failure handling library partially simulating lightweight exceptions
license BSL-1.0
depends 4; libboost-config, libboost-exception, libboost-system, libboost-throw-exception
name libboost-parameter
summary Boost.Parameter Library - Write functions that accept arguments by name
license BSL-1.0
depends 10; libboost-config, libboost-core, libboost-function, libboost-fusion, libboost-mp11, libboost-mpl, libboost-optional, libboost-preprocessor, libboost-type-traits, libboost-utility