88 Packages
name pugixml
summary Light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support
license MIT
depends 0
name pxart
summary Packed Extensions for Advanced Random Techniques: C++ Library and Applications for Random Number Generators
license MIT
depends 0
requires 1; c++17
name pxart-tests
summary Tests for pXart
license MIT
depends 2; pxart, doctest
name range-v3
summary Range library for C++14/17/20.
license Boost Software License
depends 0
requires 1; (c++14 | c++17 | c++20)
name sol2
summary `sol2` is a C++ library binding to Lua.
license MIT
depends 1; lua
name spdlog
summary Fast C++ logging library.
license MIT
depends 1; fmt
requires 1; c++ >= 11
name sqlite3
summary SQLite database engine shell program
license public domain
depends 2; libsqlite3, libz
name stb_image
summary Public Domain Image Loader
license MIT or Unlicense
depends 0